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The three main thematic strands of the HW-IMRC research portfolio, are concentrated in the areas of:

  • Digital Tools (DT)
  • Microsystems for Manufacture (MM)
  • Photonics–based Manufacturing (PM)

Although the three themes mentioned above are clearly identifiable in our research activities, there has been considerable progress in exploiting the collegiality of the IMRC through the development of inter-disciplinary opportunities between the themes. This has occurred naturally but also in response to the strong encouragement of our Steering Committee and in partnership with our industrial collaborators and sponsors. The consequence has been the evolution of a number of highly successful joint projects across individual research groups and between the Themes. Another key factor important in the development of our research portfolio over the past seven years has been the increased use of ‘roadmapping’ and in particular the concentrated efforts in this regard during 2007/08.

Digital Tools (DT) Theme Research Vision
The vision of the Digital Tools theme is to conduct world-leading research which will provide tomorrow’s engineers with highly intuitive, person-centric tools that will help them easily record, locate, manipulate and exploit information and knowledge concerning the design and manufacture of 3D products.

Microsystems for Manufacture (MM) Theme Research Vision

Our vision is to be a European Centre of Excellence in MEMS integration and packaging so as to service UK manufacturing industry with innovative technology for high value, customised, and high IP content products to help UK industry expand globally in an internationally competitive market. We aim to develop leading-edge research capability in packaging through either the use of MEMS technology to manufacture new equipment and tools for electronics packaging and assembly or use novel techniques for the packaging of MEMS and optoelectronic components.

Photonics based manufacturing (PM) Theme Research Vision

The Photonics Theme vision is for the IMRC to be recognised as an internationally leading focus for industrially-relevant photonics R&D, delivering a mix of academic and commercial outputs in laser and optical measurement hardware, process technology and production applications. Photonics has strong resonance with the needs of developed economies to compete in the 21st Century global market for manufacturing, providing (often in the same application), both routes to low cost (automated) manufacture and the key manufacturing processes underpinning high added value products. We have a shared conviction that photonics technologies are an essential component of any credible strategy for knowledge-based industrial production.

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