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  Collaboration with other IMRCs’

We have stimulated significant interactions with other IMRCs (including Loughborough, Bath, Cambridge, Cranfield and Nottingham) through our Grand Challenge Project. The most recent HW-IMRC Digital Tools project currently involves the Bath IdMRC, the use of work developed by the Cambridge IMRC and some companies which were involved in the original Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Grand Challenge.

The photonics team collaborates with the Cranfield IMRC (Prof Stewart Williams) on the TSB-funded HELPSYS (High Efficiency High Brightness Laser Diode Processing Systems) Programme, along with GSI Ltd and PowerPhotonics Ltd. This project aims to develop new technologies for high power diode lasers and their use in new high efficiency welding processes (as an exemplar for other laser-based applications). The laser research emphasizes improved energy efficiency, increased brightness with fibre optic beam delivery and low cost manufacturability. There is also collaboration in progress between the Cranfield IMRC and the Prof Moore’s group in the Photonics team working on aspects of Stress Engineering.

We have common interests with the Cambridge IMRC, including organisation of a UK Photonics Industry Meeting in January 2006, involving international speakers showcasing applied photonics research at Cambridge and at the HW-IMRC, and participation in a management seminar there in 2005.

Overall - we continue to serve as a ‘portal’ for linkages and technology transfer to all IMRCs’ from ‘pooled’ Scottish research, for all IMRC research to Scottish industry through the our KT initiatives, and by working with the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service.

HW-IMRC collaborators (Industrial/Academic)

Digital Tools Microsystems Photonics
Agilent (South Queensferry, UK) Exception PCB Ltd Airbus Germany
BAE SYSTEMS Surface Ships Ltd Logitech Ltd Advanced Optical Technology Ltd
FMC Technologies (UK) Ltd Merlin Circuits Technology Ltd BAE Systems Avionics Ltd
Fraunhofer Inst for Manufact Eng (Stuttgart) Microstencil Ltd (Singapore) BAE Systems plc
Graham & Brown Ltd National Physics Laboratory C-MAC MicroTechnology Ltd
Grant Westfield Ltd. PCT Ltd Edinburgh Laser Optics Ltd
IKEA Communications AB (Sweden) Renishaw plc GE Aviation Ltd
Renishaw plc (Edinburgh, UK) SLI Limited Powerlase Ltd
Rolls Royce plc (Bristol and Derby, UK) Sun Microsystems Ltd GSI Ltd
Selex Galileo plc (Edinburgh) Syngenta Ltd PowerPhotonic Ltd
ITUNA Solutions Ltd Ultra-Electrics Ltd (ex BCF Designs) QinetiQ plc
JCB Ltd (Rochester, UK) Brunel University IMEC
MBDA Missile Systems Ltd (UK) Design LED (Glasgow, UK) Trumpf Ltd
Natasha Marshall Fabrics Wallcoverings (UK) Renishaw plc INO
PTC Inc (USA) University of Cambridge TWI
Virtual Interconnect Ltd University of Cranfield Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd
Silicon Graphics Corp. (UK) University of Greenwich Renishaw Plc
Team Engineering (UK) Ltd University of Loughborough Rofin Sinar UK Ltd
NCR Ltd University of Nottingham Selex Galileo plc
Museum of Modern Art MoMA ( NYC, USA) Penn State University (USA) ORC Southampton University
Transylvania Univ of Brasov (Romania) Weidlinger Associates (CA. USA) Cranfield University
UAL (UK) AFM Ltd (UK) Edinburgh University
Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa (Italy) IMSaT, University of Dundee University of Nottingham
University of Bath (UK) Ninewells Hospital (UK) University of Manchester
University of Strathclyde (UK) NHS Tayside (UK)  
University of Bath IMRC (UK)    
University of Cambridge IMRC (UK)    
Transylvania Univ of Brasov (Romania)    
3D Systems Ltd    
CA Models Ltd    
D-Cubed Ltd    
Kestrel 3D Ltd    
Lockheed Martin (USA)    
Kodak Ltd    
FMC Technologies Ltd    
Hewlett-Packard Ltd    
JCB Ltd    
McTaggart Scott Ltd    
OMNOVA Solutions Inc    
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