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Welcome to the
James Watt Institute for
High Value Manufacturing (JWI)

JWI is based at Heriot Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh and is a pan-university Research Institute within Heriot Watt, which is focussed on promoting internationally-leading research in topics and technologies which underpin high value manufacturing (HVM) industry.

  James Watt Institute for
High Value Manufacturing

The JWI was conceived in 2008 as a vehicle for a substantial expansion of the manufacturing research portfolio of Heriot Watt University, by incorporating the exisiting Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre at (HW-IMRC) along with a significant number of additional HWU academics under the coordinating umbrella of the JWI. HWU has a highly-regarded tradition of industry-leaning research, and the HW-IMRC with its strong track record provides a powerful nucleus for an expanded and powerful, pan-university

  multi-disciplinary Research Institute, with ambitions to be a major player on the UK and world stage. This growth in both research capacity (and the concomitant industrial partnership networks) is a response to UK national requirements with renewed UK recognition of the need for a more balanced economy with increased global competitiveness in high value manufacturing.


HW-IMRC is one of 16 formal Innovative Manufacturing Research Centres (IMRCs) jointly funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and industry.

2012 Laser Based Production Process Conference

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