James Watt Institute for High Value Manufacturing

1 Day Conference - Technical Programme




09.00       Welcome

Professor Jim Ritchie (IMRC Investigator, Heriot Watt University)


09.10       Heriot-Watt University commitment to High Value Manufacturing

Professor Steve Chapman (Principal and Vice Chancellor, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)


09.25       The Research Council for Manufacturing - EPSRC Manufacturing Strategy and how centres like the IMRC can help deliver it.

Dr. Katie Blaney (EPSRC Portfolio Manager)


09.40       TSB High Value Manufacturing Strategy

Mr Robin Wilson (TSB Lead Technologist – High Value Manufacturing)


09.55       Overview of Digital Engineering

                Professor Jim Ritchie (IMRC Investigator, Heriot Watt University)


10.00       KEYNOTE I Evolution of Digital Tools Used in Complex Product Design

Dr Jerry Duncan (John Deere & Company)



10.40      COFFEE BREAK



10.55       Overview of Digital Textures

                Professor Mike Chantler (IMRC Investigator, Heriot Watt University)


11.00       KEYNOTE II Estimating and Discounting the light field: Perception of surface colour in three-dimensional virtual scenes

Professor Laurence Maloney (New York University)


11.40       Poster ‘Trailer’ Session (1 minute per person)



12.00      LUNCH AND POSTER SESSION + Demonstrations



13.30       KEYNOTE III Interactions between IMRC and SME’s

Dr Brian Gilhooley (Virtual Interconnect)


14.10       META and Serious Games

Dr. Theo Lim (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)


14.30       Overview of the KTP mechanism + Case Study

Dr. Judy Brown (Centre co-ordinator - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)



14.40      COFFEE BREAK



14.55       Digital design and marketing of texture critical products

Professor Mike Chantler (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)


15.15       Farewell & Thanks

Professor Jim Ritchie (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)


15.25       Visit to laboratories - Optional



16.00      END